Purederm Nose Strips Review

Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips Review.

Heyy guyss, I am supposed to blog after January but her I am with another review.

I have been using these strips for a while and every time the result is same.

Lets begin shall we:

It has 6 strips as written on the box.



It claims to

  • instantly cleans clogged pores
  • removes dirt and oil
  • removes blackheads
  • give you clear and smooth skin
  • have larger size for better fit.

My result:

I followed the instructions at the back of the box and I let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t hurt when you peel it off.


  • It did kinda clean my pores on the sides.
  • it did remove oil and dirt from my nose but my nose was again oily after like 10-15 mins. so I guess it doesn’t remove the oil permanently.
  • I don’t think it removed any blackhead, all I could see on the strip were whiteheads.
  • It does give my nose a smooth and clean look.
  • And it’s definitely large enough to fit.

Overall, yes it did remove my whiteheads but all the blackheads are still on my nose.

I will give this product 3/5.

Have you tried this product? If you have, do tell me in the comments how your experience was.

And if you know any nose strips that actually remove blackheads, do let me know.

That’s it for now, Bye readers.





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