A Letter To My Future Self.

I have always wanted to write a letter to my future self and I guess now is the time. I used http://lettertomyfutureself.net/ to schedule a future email that I will receive on 30th January 2020 (exactly after 3 years).

Here it goes –

Hey! Listen whatever you are doing, just stop. Look around you, are you surrounded by people you love? Or have you lost them? If they are around you, you are very lucky, so be thankful.

I hope you have forgotten about your stupid crush and have moved on with your life. If you are with your crush, good for you. I am glad. If not, well that would suck for your old self. But since you have moved on, it’s not so bad for you right!!

If you are engaged right now, then congratulations!! I hope your fiancé treats you right and if he doesn’t, dump his ass. You don’t have to compromise in that area because whatever decision you make will affect you for the rest of your life. Your old self would settle for anything just because she was pathetic. I hope you aren’t as pathetic as your old self. And don’t you dare settle for anything less than what you deserve. Because baby girl you deserve more than you think.  

I hope you ended up in a university that your old self decided for you. I hope you are nailing it at university and I hope you haven’t lost your passion for being a manager someday.

Future self, I hope you are not as negative as you were back in the days. And I hope that you have learnt to deal with your problems instead of bottling them up. I hope you don’t cry at nights like your old self did.

I hope you are at that point of life where you don’t need anyone to validate you and I hope you know your self-worth.

You have no idea how much I have struggled to be you, how many obstacles I have passed to be you. I just hope after all that I did for you, you are finally happy now. And you have no regrets in life.

I hope you have lost the weight that your old self gained by stress eating. It would have been hard but I hope you have done it. And I hope you are fit and healthy now. And hopefully you have abs 😉

I hope you have a shining resume because of all the volunteering and internships I am planning to do. And I hope you are independent enough to buy yourself some damn face masks.

I hope you have stopped comparing yourself to others. Because that shit is just cruel, if you still compare yourself to others, I am disappointed in you. If not, good job.

Slow down, I know life is moving fast. And the whole world is moving at a very fast rate. But you, yes you, reading this letter, you gotta slow down. I hope you haven’t forgotten your culture and your beliefs. And I hope you are closer to God than you ever were.

I just want you to know that I am proud of you. You made it, you survived high-school. And I am sure you are an amazing person right now. Whatever problems you face, know that you have the solution to anything and everything. Just don’t give up on yourself and you will find a way out, I promise you.

Trust me, you got this.


Love forever,

Your younger, sad, and overweight yet hopeful self. xo


Should I give up blogging?

Am I not good enough as a starter? 

Alright so, I was having a conversion about starting up a blog with my friend. (P.s she doesn’t know that I have already started a blog).

We talked about how can one start blogging and what goes into writing a blog.

Her writing skills are really good so I told her that she should start a blog because I am sure that she will be able to help many people. She said that she needs inspiration and time.

While discussing she said few general things that got stuck in my head.

“Before you start a blog you should know everything about blogging”. 

I started blogging without much knowledge, there are still many things that I don’t know. I did my research before I started but I don’t know everything about blogging. Was it a wrong move?

After a long battle with myself, I realized that it wasnt a wrong move. Yes, I don’t know everything about blogging but I will learn so much while actually doing it. Knowing everything before, where is the fun in that. You learn from your mistakes more than you learn by a simple research.

“You don’t know the first thing about writing”. 

I don’t know much about writing and I seriously don’t have writing skills. I was always bad at language and writing in school. But does that mean that I shouldnt do what I really wanna do? Just because I don’t have the writing skills, I should give up ?

I don’t think so, Even though I don’t have the skills, I wrote a book on Wattpad and yes, it wasnt the best but I did receive a lot of appreciation which meant I have potential whether its more or less. At least I have it. And I am not one to give up easily. Maybe I will learn how to write better by blogging.

“Anyone can write reviews”. 

Anyone and everyone can write reviews because it’s an easy thing to do. Just grab a product and describe it and tell the pros and cons. So many people write reviews and there are so many professional bloggers that write reviews. So should I not write it? Because blogging world is like an ocean and I am a Paedocypris (smallest fish). Which means that I will for sure get lost in the ocean. But does that mean I should give up ?

Well my take on this is that since there are many beauty bloggers, this increases the competition. There is a lot of competition and yes right now at this stage I don’t think I am able to compete but that makes it more interesting for me. That makes me think of things that I can do in order to get a competitive advantage over them. Yes its a risk and I might suck at it. Since I am a business student, being a risk taker is all its about.

I don’t know why I wrote this post. I don’t know why I decided to share my personal thoughts but what I know for sure is that many people give up on their dreams because of the criticism they face. And one of the biggest criticizer in my life is my brain. I degrade myself over and over again and I over think situations.

Its gonna suck at first but eventually you will get a hold of it. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Don’t ever give up on what you wanna do in life.

Darling, just hold on…

That is it for now, byeee guyss 💕💕

My Face Masks Wishlist. 

Hi! Past 2 or 3 years, I have been obsessed with masks. I have tried a few drugstore masks but none of them had the wow factor. Every time a new type of mask came, I wanted it. But I couldn’t and still can’t have it because apparently my mom thinks that I am too young to use masks :/

There are billions of masks that I want to try but here are few that are on top of the list.

1) LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. 

This mask looks soo good. Firstly its a fresh ingredient mask. Secondly it looks like a cupcake batter. Last but not least, it says “Chocolate heaven for oily skin“. I am all about products that say ‘for oily skin’.

2) THE BODY SHOP Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. 

I have an obsession with charcoal masks. I feel like they will do a great job absorbing excess oil from my face.

3) SEPHORA Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying.


These masks aren’t really expensive for people out there. I surely don’t mind the price points of these masks either, but my mom does so I can’t have them.

But one day, hopefully I will be able to buy them. Until then, they will stay in my wish list.

If you guys know any inexpensive dupes for these masks, let me know in the comments section below!! And do tell me what masks are on your wish list ??

That is it for now, byeee guyss ❤

30 Gift Ideas For Her.

These are some random gifts that you can give to any girl. But if it’s a special one, make sure you personalize it as much as you can. As much as girls enjoy being pampered, they love the idea of someone putting an effort for them. With any gift, add a rose, a DIY greeting card, a love note, or anything that you can make by yourself. Trust me a personalized touch can make any girl feel special or important AF.

  1. Ankle boots
  2. ASOS gift card
  3. Bath Bombs
  4. Beauty/Skincare subscription box
    • Glossybox
    • GoodeBox
    • Birchbox
    • Beauty Army
    • Ipsy GlamBag
    • Essence Beauty Box
    • Glambox


  5. Camera
  6. Chocolates
  7. Cosmetic bag
  8. Emoji pillows
  9. flower bouquet
  10. Gift baskets
  11. Handbag
  12. Handmade greeting card
  13. Jewelry (bracelet, pendant, ring or earrings)
  14. Makeup brush set
  15. Makeup palette (girls love their makeup more than they like people)
  16. Nicholas Sparks Movie Pack
  17. Onesie
  18. Pajama set
  19. Pashmina Scarf
  20. Perfume
  21. Phone case
  22. Scented candles
  23. Sephora gift card
  24. Skincare products (Face Masks)
  25. Slip on shoes
  26. Sunglasses
  27. Travel mugs
  28. Vanity Mirror
  29. Workout clothes
  30. Wrist watch


When you are done deciding a gift, make sure you wrap it with a beautiful wrapping paper.  And if your girl likes black, make sure to wrap the gift in a matte black wrapping paper because it looks DOPE 😛

Hope this helps, byeee guysss.


7th Heaven Chocolate Mud Masque Review.

Heyy, Everyone!! Today’s post is going to be a review about the 7th Heaven Chocolate Mud Masque. I purchased this mask from my local drugstore, I wanted to test out this mask and see if it actually does what it says it will.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

This mask claims to be a guilt free dark Belgian chocolate! They have blended creamed Cocoa Butter & crushed Cocoa Beans, with ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter to leave skin silky soft & deeply cleansed.

Its key ingredients are Crushed Minerals, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter.

2017-01-26 12.06.06 1.jpg

It looks and smells exactly like chocolate. ( I was tempted to taste it :P). The texture is a little thick and smooth but still easy to spread evenly on your face. For me this packet would be for a two-time use because I still had a lot left after first application.

The mask felt cool and refreshing when I first applied it on my face. Then it started drying down and it changed from brown to a lighter ashy brown color.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth application
  • Smells like chocolate
  • Leaves your skin smooth and soft



  • Doesn’t have the wow factor
  • Result is very minimum
  • A little difficult to take it off

Overall, I am not sure whether this product is worth it or not, even though the price point is great on a budget but I don’t find that the product actually worked or did anything drastic.

Have you tried any of the masks from this company? If so which mask would you recommend or say worked the best for you? Leave your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below. 

That’s it for now, byeee guysss.


Mini Shopping Haul.

Okay so I bought some stuff yesterday and I cant wait to try em out.

2017-01-22 09.50.35 1.jpg

1) Himalaya Clarifying Mud Mask.

2017-01-22 09.50.37 1.jpg


I have never used this before, so I am really excited to try it. Also it says ‘for Oily skin’, I get attracted to anything and everything which say that.

2) L’Oreal  Makeup Remover Eyes & Lips.

2017-01-22 09.50.42 1.jpg

I have been using this for like over 4 years and I love it.

p.s one is for me and one for is my sis.

3) NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illumintor.

2017-01-22 09.50.39 1.jpg

I have heard a lot about this particular highlighter and so I had to try it out myself.

I ll let you guys know what I think about it and is it worth it or not.

4) 7th Heaven Chocolate Mud Masque & Dead Sea Mud Pac.

2017-01-22 09.50.44 1.jpg

I have never heard about this brand, but it looked fun also it was cheap AF. And when you are a high school student with limited pocket-money, every cheap thing will attract you.

I ll do my research on these two masks, if they are good I might get the full-sized tubes.

That is it for now, byeee guysss. Xoxo…

A New Chapter Of My Life.

Good Bye 2016 – Welcome 2017.

Hello Everyone..

2016 has been the best year of my life, yes I say that almost every year but 2016 was special and beyond amazing.

The year 2016 was full of joy. I enjoyed at my sister’s wedding, I made some great friends in school. I went on educational trips, picnics and exhibitions. I had fun in school and I don’t really like school but I liked it in 2016. I liked how comfortable I was with a new group of people. I liked how much fun I had with people I never thought I d hang with. I grew even more closer to my BFF and she is one of the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

I learned a lot of things, I learned to let go. And letting go of few bad memories was the best thing I have ever done. Yes, those memories still haunt me at times but I don’t let them affect me the way they did before. I changed in 2016 and I changed for good.

Today is 6th of Jan and I didn’t think I d write about my year but here I am writing about it, because yesterday I realized what an amazing year 2016 was.

I hope 2017 is as happy and exciting as 2016 was. I have few goals that I would love to accomplish this year.

Goals for 2017:

  • Be Positive.
  • Take care of myself.
  • Lose some pounds and get fit.
  • To Blog as much as I can.
  • Learn to have fun.
  • Get my grades up.
  • Develop my confidence.

A New Year, A New Start.

There might be things we don’t like about ourselves but instead of hating them, why dont we focus on changing them?  When we know what we want, then why don’t we strive hard enough to get it?

A New Year, A New Chance.


Happy New Years to everyone, I hope your year is filled with joys.

What are your resolutions for 2017? Comment down below if you have any.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey