A Letter To My Future Self.

I have always wanted to write a letter to my future self and I guess now is the time. I used http://lettertomyfutureself.net/ to schedule a future email that I will receive on 30th January 2020 (exactly after 3 years).

Here it goes –

Hey! Listen whatever you are doing, just stop. Look around you, are you surrounded by people you love? Or have you lost them? If they are around you, you are very lucky, so be thankful.

I hope you have forgotten about your stupid crush and have moved on with your life. If you are with your crush, good for you. I am glad. If not, well that would suck for your old self. But since you have moved on, it’s not so bad for you right!!

If you are engaged right now, then congratulations!! I hope your fiancé treats you right and if he doesn’t, dump his ass. You don’t have to compromise in that area because whatever decision you make will affect you for the rest of your life. Your old self would settle for anything just because she was pathetic. I hope you aren’t as pathetic as your old self. And don’t you dare settle for anything less than what you deserve. Because baby girl you deserve more than you think.  

I hope you ended up in a university that your old self decided for you. I hope you are nailing it at university and I hope you haven’t lost your passion for being a manager someday.

Future self, I hope you are not as negative as you were back in the days. And I hope that you have learnt to deal with your problems instead of bottling them up. I hope you don’t cry at nights like your old self did.

I hope you are at that point of life where you don’t need anyone to validate you and I hope you know your self-worth.

You have no idea how much I have struggled to be you, how many obstacles I have passed to be you. I just hope after all that I did for you, you are finally happy now. And you have no regrets in life.

I hope you have lost the weight that your old self gained by stress eating. It would have been hard but I hope you have done it. And I hope you are fit and healthy now. And hopefully you have abs 😉

I hope you have a shining resume because of all the volunteering and internships I am planning to do. And I hope you are independent enough to buy yourself some damn face masks.

I hope you have stopped comparing yourself to others. Because that shit is just cruel, if you still compare yourself to others, I am disappointed in you. If not, good job.

Slow down, I know life is moving fast. And the whole world is moving at a very fast rate. But you, yes you, reading this letter, you gotta slow down. I hope you haven’t forgotten your culture and your beliefs. And I hope you are closer to God than you ever were.

I just want you to know that I am proud of you. You made it, you survived high-school. And I am sure you are an amazing person right now. Whatever problems you face, know that you have the solution to anything and everything. Just don’t give up on yourself and you will find a way out, I promise you.

Trust me, you got this.


Love forever,

Your younger, sad, and overweight yet hopeful self. xo


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