I did it I finally did it. After 4 huge ass years I did it.


I have been taking part in badminton for past 4 years.

First year – I was in grade 8 and grade 8 wasn’t allowed to take part yet I did, because the team wanted a player. I was a substitute so wasn’t really affected by the team winning or losing. I was too young and surrounded by seniors so it made me very nervous.

Second year – grade 9 – I was selected to be the main player, we got 2nd position.

Third year – grade 10 – again I was one of the main player but this time we lost the semi-finals and came 3rd in the finals. I cried so much because badminton is the only sport I liked and played yet I wasn’t good enough.

Fourth year – grade 11 – I was the assistant team captain and I helped in the selections for the team. I had high AF hopes that year, but again 3rd position. I cried a lot and it was disappointing and I started believing that I shouldn’t play this sport anymore.

8 hours ago –

Today was my fifth year of taking part in badminton. I was again chosen to be one of the main player.

The semifinal match started perfectly, it was going just fine but as soon as the opponent team  decided to bring in their substitute, I lost hope because that girl is in my class, I have seen her play badminton every day for the past 2 weeks and she plays really well. I was losing hope and there was a clear frown on my face. But I kept on reminding myself that I have wanted this for years and this is my last chance.

Surprising, we won the semifinals.

In the final match, I thought I had it because it was the first-time opponent team members were playing a match. But that thought started changing when they started making points, it was very scary but we did it. My partner hit all the shots that were near the net and the ground, and I hit some smash shots. While we were playing, suddenly I heard blue (my team’s name) won. I lost it, I yelled at the top of my lungs. I was literally shaking; my whole body was heating up. My glasses were fogging up due to the heat. It was crazy and amazing. All my friends came and congratulated us and I started tearing up. I have never ever in my life had tears of happiness but today i did. It was just EVERYTHING.

Past 4 years I have wanted a gold medal for badminton. And this time I will be getting one because I did it.

I DID IT.c6b23-i2bdid2bit

All that was unnecessary because this isn’t a ‘my life’ blog but I am on cloud nine and I needed to let it all out.

That is it for now, byee guyss ❤


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