AHHHHH, I am an aunt now. That is crazy.

26th February 2017.

I wanna hold him so badly, but I have to wait for 2 more weeks. Cons of living in a different country.

I wanted to be there when he was born, but I couldn’t.

I don’t wanna miss any moment of his life, but I have to.

I wanna talk to him continuously, but I can’t.

I never thought living away from my relatives/sister would affect me because I never got attached to them.

But this little kid who doesn’t even know that I exist. He is making me wanna go back to my country so badly.

But I have to wait because I have school.

I really wanna be with him and the fact that even after 2 weeks, when I see him. I won’t be able stay with him for long because I will have to come back for my fucking exams.




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