Good Bye For Now!

Okay, so first question, where have I been?

I am so sorry for not being active but I have a solid reason for it.


Okay so idk if this is an Edexcel thinge or an A-level thinge, but we have final board exams in January too. It sucks but sadly we don’t have a choice.

So, I got my result on 2nd March. Hands down the worst day, Ever.

I got a

  • C in Business Studies
  • D in Economics.

Which is bad and to be honest my result was the worst in my whole class and my classmates who were below average last year had better grades than me.

It hit me that I did something wrong.

And that was, not studying for the exams.

I have never ever treated exams so lightly in my life but I did in January and I don’t know why I did it but I did.

As the saying goes there is no use crying over spilt milk.

So, I have decided to take a break from blogging and to focus on my upcoming June exams for now. after that I will have plenty of time to blog but now I think I should focus on what’s more important.

So yes, I will not be posting anything till the end of June.

It sucks but got no choice.

That is it guys, bye for now.


P.s I am not bad at studies.


One thought on “Good Bye For Now!

  1. zees haven says:

    thou I will miss your blog, you are def doing the right thing you have the rest of your life to blog ,,studies def come first priorities baby priorities … good luck with every ,hope to hear from you in june ,,,,


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