BENEFIT COSMETICS Cheek Parade Palette.

BENEFIT COSMETICS – Cheek Parade Blusher and Bronzer Palette.


The Cheek Parade palette includes the new Hoola Lite Bronzer plus the original Hoola Matte Bronzer, the recently launched GALifornia Blusher, the Dandelion Blush and the Rockateur Rose Gold Blush! And the best part is they are FULL-SIZED.


Benefit-Cheek-parade-swatches.jpg(Pics Credit – Ommorphia Beauty Bar Read Her Post HERE.)

  • Hoola – Matte natural bronzer
  • GALifornia – Sunny golden pink blush
  • Rockateur – Rose gold blush
  • Hoola Lite – Matte natural light bronzer
  • Dandelion – Brightening baby pink blush
  • Mini Powder Brush
  • Signature Tips & Tricks



  • Hoola Lite – $29 (AED145)
  • Dandelion – $29 (AED 145)
  • Hoola – $29 (AED 145)
  • GALifornia – $29 (AED145)
  • Rockateur – $29 (AED145)

Add those numbers and you get $145 or (AED725) but if you buy The Cheek Parade Palette you ONLY pay $58 or (AED280).

It’s pretty clear that whoever buys this palette will be BENEFITted (see what I did there…) way more than those who plan on buying it separately.

Buy it here(US website) and here(UAE website) before it goes out of stock. Because…. BIMD_ITSASTEAL_logo

Special thanks to Eugenia from the Ommorphia Beauty Bar for letting me use her pics.

I am not done with exams but I am in my home country which means I have spare time and damn it feels good to write again.

That is it for now, bye guyss xoxo…


2 thoughts on “BENEFIT COSMETICS Cheek Parade Palette.

    • The Blogging Brunette says:

      Bahahahahha I had a little time because I was back in my home country now I am back and will be continuing my studies from tomorrow. And thank you for being concerned :’) means alot to me ❤.


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