What I Got For My 17th Birthday?

I just turned 17 on 25th March 2017.

Did nothing on my birthday, didn’t even go out. Life of an A-level student. To compensate for that I had a 6-inch sub and 3 cookies on 26th March. Food can instantly make up for anything. I am not writing this post to brag about what I received but because I love reading posts like these from other bloggers. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people who wished me and showed me love.

Here is what I got for my birthday..

1) A Watch and A Bracelet from M.  The watch is so pretty OMG I can’t. The color is gorgeous. And the bracelet has this aesthetic feel to it which I love.mjk.jpg

2) Perfumes from my Uncle.2.jpg

3) A Hand Bag from E and Chocolates from T. Two of my classmates got me this. I really wasn’t expecting it but on 16th March when I entered the class, they sang a special version of the birthday song created by my whole class. They really made my last day of school special.ET.jpg

4) A Flower Bouquet from my Brother-in-law. I wasn’t expecting anything from him because He didn’t even remember my birthday last year but surprisingly he remembered this year and got me this beautiful bouquet. 1.jpg

5) A Notebook and A Mini Cosmetic Bag from my BFF.  My Best Friend is a little crazy and a little too impatient so she got me this gift in January, 2 months before my birthday. I love stationery and this notebook looks classy AF (It gives me Sephora vibes). The makeup bag is a little small for all my makeup but its PERFECT for travelling essentials.zka.jpg

No birthday can ever top my 16th birthday but I will surely remember this one too.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I am honored to be surrounded by people who love and care about me. And being the greedy little girl I am, I will be making a deal with my dad about my birthday gift very soon.

Now its time for me to go and continue studying. That is it for now, bye guyss, xoxo…



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