Monthly Beauty Buys – April 2017


Alright so, how the hell am I supposed to manage money because on one hand I love saving and on the other hand I am totally obsessed with makeup.

I don’t usually spend on makeup because I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. I wear it probably 3 or 4 times a month. But I decided to finally buy an eyeshadow palette because I really wanna learn different looks and also because I hated my previous palette.

I bought these products from Guzel. There is a 50% off sale on Guzel, go check it out if you live in UAE.

2017-04-27 10.48.50 1.jpg

1) I Heart Makeup I ♡ Chocolate – Pink Fizz

2017-04-27 10.52.14 1.jpg

(Price – AED38) Buy it here.

As soon as I saw this palette, I fell in love with it, the shades are beautiful and pigmented. I will write a full review on it soon.

2) L.A. GIRL Matte Pigment Lip Gloss – Dreamy

2017-04-27 10.47.22 1.jpg

(Price – AED18) Buy it here.

Some people might get confused as it says ‘Gloss’ but trust me it’s not glossy at all, it’s completely matte. Review and swatch will be coming up soon.

So there it is! my beauty purchases for April. Most of you will be like oh that’s not much and it’s not. I really wanted 2 more palettes and 1 other liquid lipstick but sadly I have spent A LOT on food this month hence I couldn’t buy the rest of the items I wanted.

That is it for now, bye guyss xoxo…


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