My Fitness Journey.


Hey Everyone, hope you are doing well.

I don’t really enjoy discussing about my weight or my appearance because sadly I am full of body image issues. But yesterday I read a fellow bloggers post. Her name is Shannon and you can read her post here. She wrote about starting her fitness journey and that made me wanna write about it too.

To began with I was a healthy kid, not fat not chubby not skinny, just healthy. As time passed and I grew up, I was around 8 or 9 when I started gaining weight due to excessive eating. I love food and most of the times I lost control and over-ate.

I used to eat 8 to 10 bread slices every morning. I used to eat 6 or 7 pieces of pizza at a time. I once ate 13 or 14 pieces of pizza when I was 9 or 10. I would eat chips and biscuits all day long. It even came to a point where I had food poisoning several times due to overeating. I have even had some pretty bad allergic reactions to certain food items. And that still didn’t stop me.

At that time I  didn’t care about what the world had to say about me. People called me fat but I was young and carefree.

It was when I turned 13 or 14 and started understanding that those words that people called me. I should have been offended by them. It hit me right in the feels that dude ‘you are fat’.

And when that realization hit me, I went into a stress mode. And I started stress-eating, which led to a further increase in my weight.

Then O-levels (grade 10) and A-levels(grade 11 and 12) happened. And I had no time to even breathe because its hectic. For eg. right now I shouldnt even be writing, I should be sleeping so that I can wake up early tomorrow and study(its 1:26 AM right now). I barely get time to do anything and I am constantly stressing about studies which makes me eat more. I had 2 donuts 2 hours ago.

I started working out from 1st may. First day it was a 10 min workout, yesterday was day 2 and I did a 18 min workout, which I think is an improvement.

I will be continuing working out and I will try to control my food consumption. I am also trying to drink as much as water possible.

I look 4 months pregnant right now. And my goal is a flatter stomach and toned arms.

My weight now is 56.1 kg (weighed in the morning, empty stomach)

2017-05-03 05.37.04 1.jpg

And my goal weight is 46 kg.

I have 2.5 months to do this. I don’t know if I can or can’t. But this time I wont back down, I wont give up. I HAVE to do this for myself.

I will be posting a ‘My Fitness Journey’ blog every month to share my progress. If you guys want to know what exercises I will be doing. Let me know in the comments section below and I will make sure to write about it.

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. You have to be patient and keep going.

Lets do this!!!

That is it for now. Bye guyss, xoxo…


6 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey.

  1. zees haven says:

    Good for you I stared my journey of my weight loss five years ago it’s not easy but you can do it .drink lots of water they say you should drink half of your body weight a day . Also carbs mama are your worst enemy .baby steps stay strong

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  2. Strictly Lighthearted says:

    Woohoo for taking the first step in the positive direction! I’ve always felt when you lose weight slowly and gradually then it is easier to maintain as well. So hang in there and I’m sure you’ll reach your goal weight in no time …

    ps: Were they chocolate glazed doughnuts by any chance? Love those …

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