Pray For Manchester.

I am deeply saddened by the incident that took place in the Manchester Arena.

Greater Manchester Police said 22 people are dead and 59 were injured.

My heart goes out to all the parents and the kids and to those who had to witness this horrible incident.


I am very far away from that place but those who are in that area, Please help them in any way you can because there many kids who are still missing.

And I just have one request, please don’t blindly blame this incident on Muslims or Islam. Terrorism Has No Religion, race, gender or nationality. Terrorism is an act of violence. AND ISIS DOES NOT REPRESENT ISLAM. ISIS is just another terrorist group who is committing these terrible acts by using the name of Islam. Even Muslims are terrified of these groups.

Here’s to the lives we have lost and here’s to those who are suffering. Stay Strong.

Doesn’t matter what your religion is, doesn’t matter what your race or nationality is. As long as you are a human, you are bound to have humanity.

Because if we don’t end this war, the war will end us.


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