Wishlist Wednesday – Lush

I know its not Wednesday, I had to post this on 7th but I had back to back exams and I totally forgot to publish it ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž.

I am obsessed with skin care products and after all my research, I have concluded that Lush has some great products. A plus point is that itโ€™s all fresh ingredients, nothing can go wrong when you put fresh ingredients on your face.


1) Cupcake Fresh Face Mask.


Credit – Broke but bougie

It says ‘for oily skin’ and its chocolate flavored. Do I need any other reason to buy this ? Nope. Also the reviews about this product are GREAT and that is why it ended up in my wish list.

2) Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser.

Charcoal and mud, count me in.

3)ย Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask


Credit – Ariebea

It has Kaolin clay and Fullers earth, which are great for oily skin.

4)ย Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


Am I the only one in this world who has never used a bath bomb ?? Prolly yes. I really wanna try out a bath bomb and this one just caught my eye for some reason.

Have you tried any of the items mentioned above? If yes, let me know if they are worth buying!

What Lush products are in your wish list??

That is it for now, byee guyss xoxo…



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