Follow Me Around On Instagram.

As most of you who follow my blog would know that I have my very last exam on 19th and that day will be my last day of school. And on the 20th I am travelling back to my home country, which means I will have less than 24 hours to get my shit done.

Most of the times when I am travelling, I have a day or two to get my shit ready but this time its less than a day so yeah I have to work in a flash or even like quicksilver, anything would work really. (DC and Marvel fam would understand what I just said).

Okay back to the point, my point is if anyone of you would like to follow me around when I am running here and there like crazy. Then follow me on Instagram as I will be posting many Insta stories.

My username on Instagram is @thebloggingbrunette.xo

If you are interested in ‘Follow me around’ kind of videos then do check out my insta stories starting today from 8 AM (UAE time) or 12 AM (EST).


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