Top 5 Favorite Beauty YouTubers – Collab With CassixMakeup

Hey guys!

I had a commitment with Cassi to post on 2nd august but I failed miserably as I am late. No excuses just honesty I have been quite lazy this week.

Alright, so this post is a Collab with CassixMakeup. Thank you so much Cassi for agreeing to do this with me. Check out her blog because firstly she is one of the sweetest person I have come across in the blogging world. Secondly, her reviews are EVERYTHING. And Lastly because she is kind enough to collaborate with bloggers whether you have less or more followers, she is willing to collaborate. And that is something we need more off in the blogging world.
(Also, she is an adorable human being) so go and check her blog out. You’ll love her too, I promise.

Now let’s get started.

YouTube. Oh YouTube. Who doesn’t know YouTube. We all know about it and we all use it more than we care to admit.
I use YouTube for almost everything.
Educational videos, beauty and makeup, hairstyles, songs, TV shows and movies.
And since I have been using it for years now, there are few people who I prefer over others as in they have become my faves.

1) Bodmon Zaidbodmonzaid-1501747528659.jpg

Laiba is like a unicorn with her pink hair but she is a no bullshit kinda unicorn so let’s just say she is a sassy unicorn. She inspires me to be myself and she motivates me as she is also my fitness guru. One thing I love about her is that she is very interactive with her followers. I myself have gotten replies from her various times.  She is very active on all of her social medias.

2) GlamLifeGuruglamlifeguru-1501747590527.jpg

Tati oh Tati. First of all, she is like really pretty. Really really pretty.
She tries and reviews both high-end and drugstore products. Her reviews also have like a wear time test so she wears the makeup throughout the day and shows us how it wears.
She is very consistent with uploading videos and that is a quality I appreciate and wish I had.

3) KathleenLightskathleenlights-1501746548219.jpg

I just recently found her and she instantly became one of my faves. I am totally goo goo ga ga over her makeup looks. Whether it’s valentine or a party, crazy colors, or neutrals. She has a makeup looks for whatever you need.

4) KaushalBeautykaushalbeauty-1501747504903.jpg

She is one of the few YouTubers that I know who is real af. Her videos and pics are not crazy edited. She keeps it real. She is honest about her flaws. And she isn’t your typical flat stomach skinny girl. She is thick and she owns it a damn queen. She is so bubbly like I just wanna be friends with her or like hangout with her.

5) AnchalMUA anchalmua-1501747444558.jpg

First thing first, she is Indian. And I am a Pakistani. And let me tell you one thing about Indians and Pakistanis. Our occasions and events are very EXTRA. The dresses we wear are even more extravagant and fancy and for that we need that kind of makeup. And well my girl Anchal here has such videos.
Also, she has the same warm skin tone like I do so I know that the things that suit her would definitely look good on me.

That’s it for my top 5 youtubers. Hope you liked em.

Check out Cassi’s list of her faves here. I loved em and so will you. Show her some love and support because she deserves it.

That’s it for now, bye guyss..

P.s for all those waiting for a full engagement story, I promise you all its coming. Soon. It’s in progress.