Thank you for visiting my blog, The Blogging Brunette!

I’m currently a high-school student, and I am no pro in makeup, like it takes me about 20 to 25 mins just to wing my eyeliner so yeah not a pro.

First, I started as The Unprofessional Beauty Blog on Blogger but then I saw a blog on WordPress. Did some research on WordPress and decided WordPress has better options so here I am. I decided to change my blog name from ‘The Unprofessional Beauty Blog’ to ‘The Blogging Brunette’ because I started blogging about things other than beauty.

I started in December 2016, exactly a month before my January finals. I should have been studying but instead I was starting up a blog. Yay me.

This blog will be about makeup, skin care and some DIYs here and there. I will be doing reviews, swatches, and wear tests on the stuff that I have.

Blogging is my way of staying sane. Maybe I will fall in love with blogging maybe not. Let see how it goes.

I hope you will like my blog! I hope my blogging journey goes well and I am so excited to see where it takes me. Come along for the ride. And don’t forget to let me know how I can improve..



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