Top 5 Favorite Beauty YouTubers – Collab With CassixMakeup

Hey guys!

I had a commitment with Cassi to post on 2nd august but I failed miserably as I am late. No excuses just honesty I have been quite lazy this week.

Alright, so this post is a Collab with CassixMakeup. Thank you so much Cassi for agreeing to do this with me. Check out her blog because firstly she is one of the sweetest person I have come across in the blogging world. Secondly, her reviews are EVERYTHING. And Lastly because she is kind enough to collaborate with bloggers whether you have less or more followers, she is willing to collaborate. And that is something we need more off in the blogging world.
(Also, she is an adorable human being) so go and check her blog out. You’ll love her too, I promise.

Now let’s get started.

YouTube. Oh YouTube. Who doesn’t know YouTube. We all know about it and we all use it more than we care to admit.
I use YouTube for almost everything.
Educational videos, beauty and makeup, hairstyles, songs, TV shows and movies.
And since I have been using it for years now, there are few people who I prefer over others as in they have become my faves.

1) Bodmon Zaidbodmonzaid-1501747528659.jpg

Laiba is like a unicorn with her pink hair but she is a no bullshit kinda unicorn so let’s just say she is a sassy unicorn. She inspires me to be myself and she motivates me as she is also my fitness guru. One thing I love about her is that she is very interactive with her followers. I myself have gotten replies from her various times.  She is very active on all of her social medias.

2) GlamLifeGuruglamlifeguru-1501747590527.jpg

Tati oh Tati. First of all, she is like really pretty. Really really pretty.
She tries and reviews both high-end and drugstore products. Her reviews also have like a wear time test so she wears the makeup throughout the day and shows us how it wears.
She is very consistent with uploading videos and that is a quality I appreciate and wish I had.

3) KathleenLightskathleenlights-1501746548219.jpg

I just recently found her and she instantly became one of my faves. I am totally goo goo ga ga over her makeup looks. Whether it’s valentine or a party, crazy colors, or neutrals. She has a makeup looks for whatever you need.

4) KaushalBeautykaushalbeauty-1501747504903.jpg

She is one of the few YouTubers that I know who is real af. Her videos and pics are not crazy edited. She keeps it real. She is honest about her flaws. And she isn’t your typical flat stomach skinny girl. She is thick and she owns it a damn queen. She is so bubbly like I just wanna be friends with her or like hangout with her.

5) AnchalMUA anchalmua-1501747444558.jpg

First thing first, she is Indian. And I am a Pakistani. And let me tell you one thing about Indians and Pakistanis. Our occasions and events are very EXTRA. The dresses we wear are even more extravagant and fancy and for that we need that kind of makeup. And well my girl Anchal here has such videos.
Also, she has the same warm skin tone like I do so I know that the things that suit her would definitely look good on me.

That’s it for my top 5 youtubers. Hope you liked em.

Check out Cassi’s list of her faves here. I loved em and so will you. Show her some love and support because she deserves it.

That’s it for now, bye guyss..

P.s for all those waiting for a full engagement story, I promise you all its coming. Soon. It’s in progress.


17 And Engaged.

Alright so, as you all might have noticed that I have been gone for a very long time. And even if you didn’t notice, that’s totally cool.

I had a reason and you know it because you have read the title 😂.


I got engaged on 23rd July (such a weird and odd date) 😂

I know that being engaged at 17 isn’t a big deal because girls here getting pregnant at 16 so yeah not a big deal.

It wasn’t my boyfriend who proposed me and we got engaged. Neither was it my best friend who out of a bloom decided to propose. Nope.

It was a guy I didn’t even know existed until his family sent the proposal.

Most of you are like umm what ? But my brown girlfriends will know what I am talking about.

In our culture, relationships aren’t allowed.

Proposal is sent from the guy’s family and its up to the girl’s family to either accept it or reject it.

The girl does have a say in whether she would like to marry this particular guy or not. And same goes for the guy.

Most people out there think that muslim girls are forced to marry whoever their family chooses for her. But that is not true because our religion gives us a right to accept or reject the proposal.

But there are people out there who force their daughters and they are either illiterate or educated yet ignorant.

Well, I aint here to talk about others. I am here to talk about me.

Yes I got engaged and boi the amount of emotions I have been through the past few months has been crazy and probably not everybody would wanna know about it 😂😂.

But if you do wanna know about the whole thing, comment down below and I might just write a huge ass post discussing every damn thing that happened in the past few months.

That is it for now, byeee xoxo…

Makeup Collection #1 – Liquid Lipsticks.

Hey guys, hope ya all are doing well.

I am back in my home country and its flipping hot here so I don’t think I’ll be able to do proper makeup looks but I have a lot more to share.

I am thinking to start a makeup collection series which will be short af because I don’t really have a lot of makeup.

Part 1 is all the liquid lipsticks I have, most of them look similar in the pic but I swear they are different okay.DB5gUSoVwAAFEpT.jpg

Okay lets begin –



Top to bottom/Left to right –

  1. Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour in Make Your Move.
  2. Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour in Heart Breaker.
  3. LA Girl Matte Pigment Lip Gloss in Dreamy.
  4. FAKE The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Charming.
  5. FAKE The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Charming.
  6. FAKE Kylie Cosmetics in Candy K.
  7. FAKE Huda Beauty in Icon. (Review here)

Which shade do you like the most?
What are few of your go to Liquid Lipsticks?
Should I continue this makeup collection series?

That is it for now, bye guyss xoxo

Follow Me Around On Instagram.

As most of you who follow my blog would know that I have my very last exam on 19th and that day will be my last day of school. And on the 20th I am travelling back to my home country, which means I will have less than 24 hours to get my shit done.

Most of the times when I am travelling, I have a day or two to get my shit ready but this time its less than a day so yeah I have to work in a flash or even like quicksilver, anything would work really. (DC and Marvel fam would understand what I just said).

Okay back to the point, my point is if anyone of you would like to follow me around when I am running here and there like crazy. Then follow me on Instagram as I will be posting many Insta stories.

My username on Instagram is @thebloggingbrunette.xo

If you are interested in ‘Follow me around’ kind of videos then do check out my insta stories starting today from 8 AM (UAE time) or 12 AM (EST).

What’s In My Makeup Bag?


Even before I was a blogger, What’s in my bag (school, makeup, college, travel edition) posts always intrigued me.  Now that I actually have a platform to share things with you guys, Why not do it myself? Mine probably won’t be professional, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Let’s start with me telling you that I am NOT a beauty guru which means I don’t have overflowing drawers of makeup. Would I love to have that? Yes absolutely! But would I ever do it? No. There are several reasons to why wouldn’t I do that and counting all those reasons will take away the focus from this post, let’s just say I am too broke to have it all.

Here it goes –

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer – Instantly mattifies my t-zone and keeps oil at bay for around 3/4 hours.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – Coverage is medium, can be built up to full. I don’t think this product is good for me as it’s not mattifying. I don’t ever wear this without my stay matte primer or else I will become a grease ball in an hour.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed PowderHOLY GRAIL. I have been using this product for over 3 years and I absolutely love it. It gives a matte finish to the skin without making it look cakey.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush –  It is a light pink shade with golden undertones and it looks natural and flattering on the skin (particularly for skin with yellow undertones like mine).

Rimmel Provocalips Lip Color – I bought these thinking they were matte, sadly they aren’t matte, but the shades (Make Your Move and Heart Breaker) are gorgeous nonetheless.

Fake Kylie Liquid Lipstick (Candy K) – Yes, it is fake, it’s not REAL. I did not order this from Kylie cosmetics. I would love to try out the real one but it’s too expensive for me so I got this fake one for round 5$. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be good but it is really good.

Maybelline Master Piece Liquid Eye Liner – I don’t usually use an eye liner but when I do, I like to use a clean tipped marker that Maybelline master piece has.

Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara – I loved this mascara few months back but I started not liking it because I bought a new one also because its waterproof and VERY hard to take it off.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – One of my friend recommended it to me and I have been loving it since last 5 months. I am sure everyone has heard how great the great lash mascara is.imageedit_2_4273899637

That was the list of things in my makeup bag. Comment down below what’s in your makeup bag or just comment the link to your (what’s in my makeup bag) post, and I would love to read it.

If you are just visiting The Blogging Brunette for the first time, you can get to know me here.

That’s it for now, byeee guys ❤

Dinner Date Outfit Ideas.

Hey everybody, I have styled some outfits and have included a makeup look that I think goes with the outfit.

I have also included the links to all the items that will be shown in the pictures below.

Outfit 1  – Navy Blue and Silver.

outfit1(Dress , Clutch , Heels , Studs , Bracelet , Makeup)


Outfit 2 – Red and Black.

outfit2(Top , Skirt , Choker , Studs , Bag , Sandals , Makeup)


Outfit 3 – Beige and Burgundy.

outfit3(Top , Jeans , Coat , Bag , Bracelet , Earrings , Sandals , Makeup)

Comment down below which outfit(1,2,3) would you wear to your date?

That is it for now, byee guyss ❤

Imagine… A Perfect Lazy Day.

Alright, so let me tell you one thing about my life. I am not really allowed to hangout with friends as my parents are very strict. Which means I have never ever had a sleepover with my friends or a late night drive. Heck I have only been to a mall with my best-friend ONCE and at that time also we were supervised by her sister.

So I like to imagine how life would be if I lived with my best friend and how would it be if I was independent.

So here is what I call a Perfect Lazy Day. Feel free to imagine yourself and your bff…

Waking up to a beautiful view.


We will try to make breakfast,


but since we are very lazy, we’d decide to go to a nearby cafe.


On our way back from the cafe, we’d stop to buy some groceries.


It now time to go out but before that we gotta dress up.


Shoppingg and shopping. who doesn’t like shopping.


Its time to fill our stomach aka a wormhole.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

On our way back,


We’d stop to watch the sunset.


Late night movie session.


Good night love..


*None of these pictures are mine, I downloaded them from google. If you see a pic that belongs to you, let me know, I will add the picture credits.

This is my idea of a Perfect Lazy Day. How would you describe your Perfect Lazy Day ? Comment down below to let me know.

That is it for now, byee guyss xoxo.


Cheese Sticks.

Even though I normally post about beauty and fitness but if there is anything that I love more than beauty, its FOOD.

Yesterday I hit a 100 followers and to celebrate that I decided to treat myself. Since I am lazy this was the easiest thing I could make in a short time.


2017-06-15 06.41.36 1.jpg


2017-06-15 06.42.39 1.jpg


Processed with VSCO with  preset

I used Puck Cheese Sticks as each stick had only 52 calories.
I also mixed BBQ Pringle’s crumbs in the bread crumbs to add a little more flavor.

Recipe here

That is it for now, bye guyss xoxo..

Reaching A Milestone – 100 Followers.


Today my little blog reached a 100 followers. I woke up to revise for my exam and after an hour of revision, I was kinda exhausted and hungry and because I was fasting, I couldn’t eat. I checked my phone after whining about how much more I have to revise and the first thing I saw was a WordPress notification of 100 followers. And that honestly made me so so happy. Yes I know that 100 is not that big of a deal for many other bloggers as they have thousands of followers but for someone who is completely new to blogging world with zero experience, that is pretty exciting.


It means a lot to me that  people out there thought that my blog was worth following and they decided to give my blog a chance. And in many cases I might have let them down by not posting much but in my defense A levels is a son of a gun.

To all those who follow me –

  • Thank you for giving me a chance to grow.
  • Thank you for reading/liking my posts.
  • Thank you for all the positive feedback you have given.
  • Thank you for all the love and support you have shown.
  • Thank you for motivating me to continue.
  • Thank you for giving me a reason to continue blogging.
  • Thank you for being so friendly.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those reading this.


And a huge shout out to Lizzie for being my very first follower, she followed me when I had 0 followers and posts that were not of good quality. Thank you so much Lizzie.

I have a long way to go and I hope this love and support will continue.

Thank you once again and I love you all.

That is it for now, byee guyss. xoxo

Wishlist Wednesday – Lush

I know its not Wednesday, I had to post this on 7th but I had back to back exams and I totally forgot to publish it 😞😞.

I am obsessed with skin care products and after all my research, I have concluded that Lush has some great products. A plus point is that it’s all fresh ingredients, nothing can go wrong when you put fresh ingredients on your face.


1) Cupcake Fresh Face Mask.


Credit – Broke but bougie

It says ‘for oily skin’ and its chocolate flavored. Do I need any other reason to buy this ? Nope. Also the reviews about this product are GREAT and that is why it ended up in my wish list.

2) Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser.

Charcoal and mud, count me in.

3) Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask


Credit – Ariebea

It has Kaolin clay and Fullers earth, which are great for oily skin.

4) Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


Am I the only one in this world who has never used a bath bomb ?? Prolly yes. I really wanna try out a bath bomb and this one just caught my eye for some reason.

Have you tried any of the items mentioned above? If yes, let me know if they are worth buying!

What Lush products are in your wish list??

That is it for now, byee guyss xoxo…